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יהונתן בממלכת המחשבלונים - אנגלית

יהונתן בממלכת המחשבלונים - אנגלית

שם הספר: Jonathan In The Kingdom Of Mood balloons
שם הסופר: (Semrik, Netanel (translated by Denise Levin
איורים: Ran Ben Eli
מספר עמודים: 36
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-9-6574500-24

  • אודות הספר

    Jonathan in the Kingdom of Balloons by Netanel Semrik (translated by Denise Levin) is an enchanting story that helps children understand all the colors of their emotions, and teaches how to take responsibility for them.

    This charming volume gives children the opportunity to benefit from the messages and lessons found in popular self-help and emotional management books that have until now only targeted adult readers.

  • אודות הסופר

    Netanel Semrik

    translated by Denise Levin

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